Mineral Fertilizers


FORTOFF sells mineral fertilizers for export and is a distributor of a large chemical complex, both directly to end buyers – agricultural producers, and through distributors.

Dangerous situation

Standard Disposal Methods

Until recently, the issue of recycling tires was limited to burying waste or burning it. These methods both pose a danger to the environment and the health of mankind. Old tires pile up at a tangible rate, as their number is constantly arriving and their natural decomposition period exceeds a hundred years; harmful substances remain in the soil for a long time, poisoning the water and air. The process of burning tires is not the best way to dispose of old tires either. This environmentally harmful process releases hazardous substances into the air, among them the strongest carcinogens like biphenyl and benzapyrene.

Dangerous Becomes Useful

Modern technologies

Fortoff OU is company based in Estonia with a vision of greener Ecosystem by helping tire industry and governmental institutions with utilization and recycling of used tires. And of course, to reach climate neutrality. Companies founders and top managers are industry`s specialists and passionate about course taken.

Recycled Materials


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